Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nightingale Media Player Preview Released

From Slashdot:

Nightingale Media Player Preview Released

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First time accepted submitter ilikenwf writes"You may or may not remember the Mozilla-based Songbird media player, which dropped official Linux support in April, 2010. Since then, the Nightingale community fork has waxed and waned in terms of membership and progress, but thanks to having a completely new dev team has today produced a preview build based on Songbird 1.8.1. The team promises a release of a Songbird trunk based build later this year, with fixes and an upgrade to Gecko 6. Plans to support Linux, Windows, and Mac are in the works, with the preview builds being available only for Linux and Windows at the moment. Aside from trying to pull in refugees from the Songbird community, Nightingale wants more developers to aid in fixing dropped and broken features from Songbird — and to add new ones."

Q: Why would I use this instead of VLC, splayer or media player classic?
A: Their playlist interface and lyric plugin was great.

Others Linux Media players: Rhythmbox, or Amarok, or Banshee, or Exaile, or Guayadeque

Q: What I want to know is why a media player needs a web browser engine (Gecko 6) in it.
A: XUL interface app with web streaming and music store sources displayed in the rightmost viewport.

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