Saturday, December 31, 2011

SEGA creates 3D Arcade with 3D International technology

SEGA Let's go Island 3DSEGA Corporation has successfully teamed up with 3D International Group to create an all new experience of a glasses-free 3D Arcade Gaming experience with 4D attraction of air being blown at the player within the cabinet console.
SEGA Corp., who is the worldwide leading supplier of Arcade Game systems, has successfully integrated a Large Format 3D-Display designed and manufactured by 3D International into the recently released “Let’s go Island 3D” SEGA Arcade game. This Arcade Game Product is the first glasses-free 3D Arcade Game Machine in the world. A remarkable number of “Let’s go Island 3D” has been installed and successfully deployed already throughout all of Japan since July 2011. “Let’s Go Island 3D” is the last rentry in the gun shooting. The game is played on the Ringedge arcade board and is played in an enclosed cabinet with a 52/55 inch glasses-free 3D monitor. The cabinet can blow air at the player from four locations. After an initial launch of several hundred systems in Japan, users have been thrilled with the glasses-free 3D effects in this popular Arcade game series. Consequently, this draws a larger crowd which will mean more revenue for Arcade game owners.
The 3D Arcade system will now become available for overseas markets.

With the introduction of “Let’s go Island 3D”, SEGA was entering completely new ground as this was the first venture into glasses-free 3D Arcade Game “Thank you very much for partnership and collaboration for 3DI and 3DI members. Sega succeeded to implement the glasses-free 3D technology in arcade machine, and created the best 3D world in the arcade game machine very effectively. We are very pleased for this successful creation, and are looking forward future progress of the glasses-free 3D technology.” said Hiroshi Yagi, Senior Consultant for 3D Project at Sega R&D Division.

“3D International is proud to cooperate with a market leader such as SEGA”, said Tan Sri Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Manaf, Executive Chairman of 3D International Group. “Though we had to comply with SEGA’s gruelling drive for the highest technical requirements and demands, successfully passed all of SEGA’s quality control and production standards. We are very pleased to see this joint commercial success of SEGA with this new revolutionary product.”

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