Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CIID + Toyota = Window to the World , Just a Nice dream and little more at the moment.

Right now this is all make believe, the video is special effects and no such technology exists, although something similar could be made with enough investment.

I hate when they put these fake video's out because there is real technology that now people will be disappointed with after seeing a completely unrealistic video like this.

In turn getting investment for real Augmented reality projects that can be done today will be made harder by this, not easier.

Worst yet, Toyota and CIID are billions of dollars and 10 years from having anything substantial.  They seems to leave that bit out of the press release though.

I think this is a little more realistic for what's coming.
Future of Screen Technology 
Transparent OLED Screen

Toyota is toying with augmented reality to improve the view outside of its vehicles' windows.

A design exercise developed in conjunction with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), Toyota's "Window to the World" concept uses augmented reality to turn a car window into a glass canvas that lets the viewer interact with the elements outside the window.

CIID and Toyota Kansei Design Division engineers and designers came up with five potential uses for the new windows. Similar to the way kids draw shapes onto fogged-up glass, passengers can trace images on the window, but they appear to become integrated with the landscape and stay in place as the car drives away.

The window can lets onlookers zoom in on objects they see outside, and it can translate and identify objects in another language. Augmented reality can help viewers gauge the distance of landmarks, and it can also help them identify constellations in the sky.

Of course, these features are just a concept, but in the future windows could be the next computer screen.

Two working prototypes of the augmented reality concept were on display last month at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels, Belgium, as part of the "Our Future Mobility Now" exhibition organized by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association.

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