Wednesday, July 20, 2011

JohnTV : California starts using remote video cameras to impact street prostitution

Submitted by reader:

6/7/2011 - Vallejo, CA — Prostitutes and ‘Johns’ in Vallejo may have no idea anyone is watching their crimes until it is too late, thanks to new remote surveillance cameras installed by police.

Vallejo police recently purchased two hi-tech cameras that will allow officers to observe and record suspicious behavior while being blocks or even miles away. The cameras, which cost $7,000 each, can record 180 days of video and are accessible to officers wirelessly in their patrol cars.

The cameras were sought as a solution to recent budget cuts which reduced the number of patrol officers in areas known for street prostitution and drug activity. A local businessman donated funds to cover two-thirds of the cost.

The cameras are mobile enough to be moved to different locations.
Police addressed public concerns over privacy by reminding them the cameras only see and record in public spaces.

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