Monday, July 18, 2011

Open Broadcast Encoder

Open Broadcast Encoder is a fresh implementation of an open source transcoder/transmuxer. It is designed from the ground up to be both flexible and scalable enough for use in both 24/7 live streaming and offline operations.

Open Broadcast Encoder aims to be compliant with all relevant broadcast industry standards and practices, with a special emphasis on quality and stability. Open Broadcast Encoder is based on existing high-quality open source projects including x264, FFmpeg and libmpegts.

The project is divided into two subprojects that share core components: OBE-RT for real-time 24/7 operation and OBE-VoD when dealing with file-based workflows.

Open Broadcast Encoder VoD 0.21
  • VBR and CBR Transport Stream Muxing, full control of settings (e.g. PIDs, languages)
  • DVB/CableLabs compliant VoD content muxing
  • High quality AVC encoding powered by the x264 encoder, including support for 10-bit and 4:2:2 input with high speed colourspace conversion
  • Input support from a huge range of formats through FFmpeg
  • Support for AC-3, MP2 and AAC (LATM and ADTS) audio
  • SCC caption file input. ATSC/Echostar captions supported
  • Support for soft pulldown
  • DVB 3D and CableLabs 3D support
  • DVB AU_Information support

Open Broadcast Encoder Realtime 0.1 Alpha
  • HD/SD SDI input with Decklink cards. 10-bit to 8-bit dithering and high speed 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 colourspace conversion
  • AVC encoding using the x264 encoder
  • MP2 audio encoding
  • Full control of the TS mux parameters
  • UDP/RTP output with unicast and multicast output support
  • Experimental IP-in to IP-out transcoding with audio and PID passthrough

OBE VoD and OBE-Realtime can be downloaded from Google Code.

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