Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is so cool!!! Trans-Force Media cafe is now on my list of places to visit.

Trans-Force 3D/4D Media cafe Interactive restaurant
This is very cool, the appearance of super high tech without really reaching on the fundamental technology's needed.

I wanna go see one. It a good excuse to go back to Indonesia on my way to India next time.

Широкий выбор игр в библиотеке аттракциона Транс-Форс оправдывает ожидания посетителей любых возрастов. В каталоге представлен весь спектр -- от исследовательских, боевых, спортивных миссий до интерактивных экскурсий и путешествий. Библиотека игр непрерывно пополняется.

Транс-Форс является единственным в мире аттракционом, объединившим большой панорамный экран, систему подвижности, 3D и интерактивность.
3D-стереоскопическая проекционная система основана на использовании самой современной технологии Infitec Wavelength Multiplexing, позволяющей получить качественное и высококонтрастное стереоизображение.

Translates to:
A wide selection of games in the library of the attraction of Trans-Force justify the expectations of visitors of all ages. The catalog presents the entire spectrum - from research, military, sports missions to interactive tours and trips. Continuously updated library of games.

Trans-Force is the only attraction in the world, who united a large panoramic screen, the system of mobility, 3D and interactive.
3D-stereoscopic projection system is based on the latest technology Infitec Wavelength Multiplexing, which allows a high-quality and high-contrast stereo.

Infitec is the same system as used by Dolby/Disney 3D Digital Cinema, I think it's the most superior of all the technologies I've evaluated.

This wouldn't be that technically challenging, but it would be a large task producing the content. But I can see a live 3D video feed from the Racetrack in a such a room with the panoramic screens.

I once had a conversation some 12 years back or so about doing a whole restaurant in Minneapolis with a live HD panoramic video from Hawaii or Florida. Since it's such slow changing moment you should be able to get the bit-rates fairly low.

3D Media-cafe Trans-Force

Links about the Infitec technology. 

Dolby Digital 3D vs Real D / Master image systems.

Dolby 3D Digital Cinema

Dolby's unique full-spectrum color-filter technology licensed from Infitec, enabled by the passive Dolby 3D Glasses,

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