Monday, July 11, 2011

HDCP strippers

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) for the most part is transparent and most people are never aware of it. But like with the old Analog Macrovision, it still tends to cause people problems.

If your TV/projector was built before 2005, it is not HDMI compatible. This means that you’ll never be able to fully use that expensive CRT projector, digital projector, plasma display, or PC screen with new sources like the PS3, Xbox360, Blu-ray players, Cable TV / Satellite boxes, or PC graphics cards.

HDMI to Component Converter (not quite)
The easiest solution to find is a HDMI to Component converter. These are normally HDCP compliant, therefore will not convert copy protected HDMI inputs. If copy protected input is detected, there will be no signal and the screen will go blank.

When I was a best buy I was faced with a choice, I could by a TV with VGA inputs or a Monitor with HDMI.  I chose wrong! Monitors can't play HDCP encrypted content.   Problem was the computer monitor displayed HDMI great till I went to play a Blue Ray disk or tune to HBO then just black.

HDMI, Stripping  HDCP copy protection from your digital video. 

For those of you looking to utilize your recently purchased display, that does not support HDMI or supports HDMI but not HDCP, the answer is an HDCP stripper.

These devices remove the HDCP information from the video signal and allow the video to be converted from HDMI to Component and played on non HDCP compliant displays. I suggest a device called HDfury2. This device will allow you to convert your video to Component or VGA and your audio to analog or digital through a 3.5mm combo jack which can then be attached to your TV or amplifier.

Timeleak HD72a

TV hack bypasses HDCP  (See HD Content Security - Repost )

Bypass HDCP!

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