Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH)

This part of ISO/IEC 23001 specifies formats for adaptive streaming delivery of MPEG media over HTTP. This International Standard is applicable to streaming services over the Internet.

This specification primarily defines two formats:

- The Media Presentation Description (MPD) describes a Media Presentation, i.e. a bounded or unbounded presentation of media content. In particular, it defines formats to announce resource identifiers for Segments and to provide the context for these identified resources within a Media Presentation. In the context of this specification, the resource identifiers are exclusively HTTP-URLs, i.e. URLs with a fixed scheme as defined in RFC 3986 of “http://” or “https://”. However, this specification additionally enables the restriction of these URLs by a byte range attribute.

- The Segment formats specify the formats of the entity body of the request response when issuing a HTTP GET request or a partial HTTP GET with the indicated byte range through HTTP/1.1 as defined in RFC 2616 to a resource identified in the MPD.

Date:   2011-01-28
ISO/IEC FCD 23001-6
Information technology — MPEG systems technologies — Part 6: Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH)

From Nov 2010
MPEG advances Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) toward completion 

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Dynamic AdaptiveStreaming over HTTP (DASH) by Christian Timmerer and Christopher Müller

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