Saturday, December 25, 2010

AT&T To Pay $1.93 Billion For FLO TV Spectrum

FLO TV -- Lower 700 MHz D and E block spectrum 716-722 MHz, which was previously allocated to UHF TV channel 55. It covers more than 300 million people across the U.S., with 70 million located in five major cities -- New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

FLO TV will be shut down in March, 2011

Qualcomm's MediaFLO was a competitor to the Korean T-DMB, the Japanese 1seg and the European DVB-H standards.

From Slashdot:
"AT&T on Monday announced it is buying from Qualcomm $1.925 billion worth of wireless spectrum that it plans to use for a 4G network. The spectrum was bought by Qualcomm for $125 million and had powered FLO TV."

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