Thursday, December 02, 2010

FIFA World Cup in Full Court 3-D Vision

Japan pledged a technologically mind-blowing experience for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Soccer.

It said by 2022 it could beam games to iconic stadiums around the planet using revolutionary 3-D technology to make it seem as though players are rising out of the ground.

The action in Japan would be filmed using hundreds of cameras and broadcast to screens laid flat on the pitches of iconic locations.

Sony chairman and chief executive Howard Stringer said the so-called Full Court 3-D Vision would work.

"This is not science fiction," he said. "In 2022, this will be science fact."

Sony is planning to released a full soccer field-sized 3D holographics real-time soccer match for the coming Japan 2022 FIFA World Cup. Japan is talking about to setting up 400 stadiums around the world with 3D flat screens to show live size matches thousands of miles away.

Japanese officials dubbed the technology "Full Court 3D Vision," with hundreds of "Freeviewpoint" cameras designed to document the action. The 3D and Freeview rights would be completely separate from the global TV broadcast rights, Japanese officials said.

Concept video

Concept video

I already know how I could do this today, in 12 years it will not only be possible but cheap.

If anyone wants to develop this type of technology please contact me

To get some understanding how this would have to work read:
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