Wednesday, December 01, 2010

QR Code

QR codes are a 2D barcode format, mostly used by cell phone cameras.

QR Code has the advantage of large information capacity and is similar to an AR marker  in appearance. (AR is Augmented reality) Thus, more interesting and useful applications can be developed by combining the QR Code with the traditional AR system.

AR systems often use a particularly designed pattern (the marker) to recover the 3D scene structure and identify the object to be displayed on the scene. In these systems, the marker is used only for tracking and identification.

A QR Code is pasted on the package of a product and then a 3D virtual object is displayed on the QR Code. This system allows the customer to visualize the product via a more direct and interactive way.

I believe that in the future using QR Code as the AR marker will become common place.

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