Monday, December 27, 2010

Logitech stops production of Revue box for Google TV

Logitech told Taiwan-based Gigabyte Technology to suspend production of its Revue set-top box -- the companion to Google's new Google TV service -- until sometime next month, according to a published report. A Logitech spokeswoman declined to comment, but the latest Internet reports indicate the stoppage may have been prompted by Google. TG Daily,, CNET/Media Maverick blog.

Shortly after Google launched Google TV in October via the Revue companion boxes and Internet TVs and Blu-ray players from Sony it became clear to many reviewers that the product felt unfinished.

Although all of the Google TV launch devices have their differences, at their core they're all running Android on an Intel CE4100 media processor, which is essentially a 1.2GHz Atom core that's been beefed up with some extra graphics hardware capable of capturing and decoding 1080p video  This is a big win for Intel in this space -- and in fact, Intel claims to have written half of Google TV's code.

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