Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rear Window Captioning

Rear-window captioning system displays reversed captions on a light-emitting diode (LED) text display screen that could be fastened to the back of a theater seat. The plexiglass device looks like a rear-view mirror that fits into a viewer's cup holder and reflects words from a display board in the back of the theater so that they appear superimposed on the movie screen. The reflective panels are portable and adjustable, enabling the caption user to sit anywhere in the theater. The 'rear-window' reflectors are made available at the theater's customer service desk.

Theater can be outfitted for this 'rear-window' captioning system for around $10,000.

Rear Window Captioning System

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Jaratzed said...

Really hate that cuz it is not always works. It would bead over... my friend had to hold it during the whole movie! We prefer having caption on screen. It's nice to help deaf but it is not really good object cuz it didn't hold itself well. Now they have new one which is as glasses. It has battery. Bit awkward because I wear glasses then add other glasses over it... it had bit weight on nose. sigh. Still prefer have caption on screen. Just saying.